Tea Time with Holistic Nutritionist Brittani Kolasinski

Tea Time with Holistic Nutritionist Brittani Kolasinski

July 06, 2017

Welcome to Tea Time with kkao Co. where we get to know our favourite foodies, health & wellness gurus, ethical & sustainability advocates, inspirational souls and all-round cacao lovers.
This week, we sat down for a cuppa with holistic nutritionist Brittani Kolasinski of @well_fed_. So brew a pot of your favourite chocolate tea and join us!

Brittani is a Newcastle foodie turned Sydney wife & qualified nutritionist (graduated in August 2016 & married in October 2016 – what a year!) with a passion for holistic health encompassing mind, body, soul, diet & lifestyle…

She is an indulger. She loves good food, black coffee, red wine and the darkest of dark chocolates – straight up cacao, always! Brittani has a keen interest and previous personal experience with gut issues and mental health related conditions – coming from an extensive history of eating disorders, physical abuse, drug dependency, depression & anxiety. Much healing has taken place and it was through this that her passion for nutrition and holistic health was ignited.

What I once deprived myself of as a form of self-harm I now enjoy for nourishment, pleasure, social connection & celebration – I truly believe everyone is entitled & deserving of the gift of good health & nourishment and it’s what I want to spend my life’s work doing: empowering, encouraging and educating. 

Go-to morning beverage?
I keep a full bottle of water on my bedside table, so the first thing that I sip when I wake is water, I aim to finish the bottle first, before anything else.

Most mornings look like this: I make a shot of turmeric, cayenne, black pepper with apple cider vinegar and a little warm water.

Then it’s a brewed black coffee on the stove top, blend together with coconut oil and Himalayan salt using a stick blender, I’m always the first one up in our house so having this space to enjoy the quiet moments with a coconutty-coffee is pure bliss! 

What inspires you?
People, I love seeing what others possess, what their passionate about, what they are capable of. I’m constantly inspired by the people around me. The lecturers I had during my time studying nutrition at ACNT here in Sydney especially. Their knowledge, their philosophies and their encouragement.

What’s your philosophy when it comes to healthy living? 
Be curious, be gentle, be mindful & be kind.

The one healthy treat you can’t live without?
Coffee. However, in saying that I am aware not to become dependent on my morning brew. 

How do you relax and spend your ‘me’ time?
By creating space to sit & be with my thoughts, I’m a notorious introvert so I thrive when I’ve had time to be alone. This is why I cherish those first moments in the morning each day, before the sun is up to focus on my breath, be aware of thoughts and ideas & enjoy a coffee on the balcony.

Where’s your ideal coffee date?
My husband and I will regularly explore new café’s around Sydney. We have a few favourite spots we frequently go back to, but I still just love being home in our apartment making a brew together, still in our pyjamas knowing we have no commitments that morning - it’s a rarity that we have days off together, so they are somewhat sacred.

Is it OK to eat chocolate for breakfast?
I think it’s more than okay to enjoy cacao in some form combined with good proteins and fats & some hidden greens. The beautiful thing is that with cacao flavouring the dish this is so easy to achieve & so good for you. 

Favourite foodie or health & wellness instagram accounts?
I recently discovered a guy in the UK @doctors_kitchen – I just love his message. As a medical doctor, incorporating nutrition and inspiring others to get creative in the kitchen with easy, healthy meals.

Dark or milk chocolate?
Dark, real dark – 100% cacao is ideal!

What’s your favourite recipe that uses cacao?
I love making a chili hot chocolate, especially now that its suddenly cooled down In Sydney. On the stove I brew a dandelion root tea, add in a generous amount of raw cacao, some cayenne, cinnamon and ginger with a little vanilla and sea salt. I sneak in a teaspoon of unhulled tahini too and it makes it thick and creamy. It’s incredibly filling and uplifting.

One mantra you live by
‘Eucharisteo’ – A Greek word meaning to be thankful. The root word also encompasses grace & joy.

There’s always something to be thankful for, and when you focus on what you are grateful for its simply impossible for you to think negatively in that same moment.

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