Tea Time with Kara Conroy, Founder of kkao Co.

September 22, 2016

Tea Time with Kara Conroy, Founder of kkao Co.

Welcome to Tea Time with kkao Co. where we get to know our favourite foodies, health & wellness gurus, inspirational souls and all-round cacao lovers.

This week, we sat down for a cuppa with Founder of kkao Co., Kara Conroy. So brew a pot of your favourite chocolate tea and join us!

Kara is a passionate and health-conscious foodie; yet chocolate lover through and through, sharing her passion for cacao by bringing you Cacao Tea.

Having had an interest in cooking and experimenting in the kitchen since the age of four, this quickly grew into a passion and with that, Kara began to learn more and more about the importance of real food and the impact it has on our health, which lead her to do a course in integrative nutrition. Nowadays when she is developing recipes, she is using wholefoods, and creating delicious alternatives to ‘naughty’ treats. Raw desserts are her specialty, although baking the real deal from scratch every now and then is always a winner too :)

Go-to morning beverage?
Cacao smoothie made with kkao Co. Cacao Tea

What inspires you?
My passion for food & cooking and the endless creativity that can be explored, the people around me - friends, family, colleagues; health and wellness in general, and getting back to basics with nature & the simple things in life.

What’s your philosophy when it comes to healthy living?
I believe in eating real whole foods that are as close to their natural state as possible and everything in moderation. It's OK to treat yourself, just make sure you are eating the best foods most of the time so you can enjoy indulging with not a worry in the world. I'm a huge advocate for cooking food from scratch, not from a packet! Regular exercise and getting out into nature are important for a balanced & healthy life.

The one healthy treat you can’t live without?
Raw bounty bars

How do you relax and spend your ‘me time'?
I love getting to the beach, swimming in the ocean and laying on the sand in the sun. My 'me time' is often also spent in the kitchen as I find cooking and baking therapeutic. But I can't go past treating myself and going for a massage too.

Where’s your ideal coffee date?
Anywhere that does a mean piccolo with some raw treats and a view!

Is it OK to eat chocolate for breakfast?
Absolutely! As long as its cacao

Favourite foodie or health & wellness instagram accounts?
There's too many! To name a few: @talinegabriel – the most amazing raw cakes & desserts, @naturally_nutritious – amazing healthy recipes.

Dark or milk chocolate?
Dark. all. the. way

What’s your favourite recipe that uses cacao?
Hmmm most of my fave recipes use cacao haha, would be hard to pick between my morning Cacao Smoothie, or Raw Chocolate Coconut & Salted Caramel Cake that I make.

One mantra you live by
What you think, you create. It's the law of attraction so good vibes only!


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