Tea Time with Melissa Eaton of @chocolateandalmonds

February 28, 2017

Tea Time with Melissa Eaton of @chocolateandalmonds

Welcome to Tea Time with kkao Co. where we get to know our favourite foodies, health & wellness gurus, ethical & sustainability advocates, inspirational souls and all-round cacao lovers.

This week, we sat down for a cuppa with Melissa Eaton of @chocolateandalmonds. So brew a pot of your favourite chocolate tea and join us!

Melissa is a former dance & drama teacher and current performer and student from Sydney Australia. After studying a BA Dance Bed Dance & Theatre and performance studies, she spent some great years teaching throughout high schools in Sydney and London at the same time as cheerleading for the NRL Bulldogs in Sydney Australia.

From 2014 she became self employed as a performer in London. Work included dancing and cheerleading at a vast variety of sporting events throughout the UK and Europe, dancing at an array of corporate events and developing skills for on screen performing on TV, film and commercials.

During this time her interest and passion for healthy food grew and she started her Instagram @chocolateandalmonds as an outlet and way to share her creations. Being lactose and gluten intolerant, as well as passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, sparked and lead her passion for creating healthy treats that also tasted amazing, yet were ok for others with similar dietary requirements.

She is now studying a Bachelor of Science majoring in Human Nutrition and Physiology and is looking forward to educating and helping others in the future. 

Go-to morning beverage?
Coffee with Rice Milk

What inspires you?
My amazing friends & family 

What’s your philosophy when it comes to healthy living?
It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. Fill yourself up every day with whole and nutritious food that tastes good, find food that YOU like to eat (and treat yourself sometimes).

The one healthy treat you can’t live without?
I have 2, natural peanut butter and dark chocolate

How do you relax and spend your ‘me’ time?
Dancing, working out at the gym and I love a good TV series.

Where’s your ideal coffee date?
Anywhere in London!

Is it OK to eat chocolate for breakfast?
If you can define chocolate as dark, raw or sugar free, then it’s always ok to eat for breakfast! 

Favourite foodie or health & wellness instagram accounts?
There are so many!! But at the moment I am especially loving @rhitrtion from the UK. She not only shares amazing food ideas and inspo but she shares SO much knowledge that is science and evidence based which is really refreshing in today social media world.

Dark or milk chocolate?
Definitely Dark!

What’s your favourite recipe that uses cacao?
I think probably my raw mint slice, that uses cacao in its raw biscuit base

One mantra you live by 
“let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”


“live each day like it is your last”


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