What's really in our Cacao Tea?

August 14, 2017

What's really in our Cacao Tea?

We know that our cacao tea is pretty special. But we decided to prove just how good it is. We sent our tea off for analysis, to delve deeper into exactly what's in every cup.

The Results

They were impressive! For every 250ml of Peru cacao tea, you will get:

  • 400mg of Magnesium (95% RDI for men, 125% for women)
  • 0.53mg of Iron (6% RDI for men, 3% for women)
  • 1.8mg of Zinc (13% RDI for men, 22% for women)
  • 0.21mg of Copper (12% AI for men, 17% for women)
  • 2300mg of Potassium (60% AI for men, 82% for women)

That's a pretty impressive array of nutrients, especially given that the report also showed negligible kilojoules, carbohydrates and sugar.

Want to know more about these minerals? Here are a few notes on how they can benefit your body and your well-being.


Dubbed 'the relaxation mineral', magnesium plays many roles in the body. In fact, it's involved in over 300 different enzyme reactions!

Magnesium is needed for:

  • Relaxation of muscles – both skeletal and smooth muscles
  • Neurotransmitter/brain chemical production
  • Heart function
  • Optimal energy production
  • Hydration and electrolyte balance
  • Building healthy bones and teeth
  • Regulating cholesterol levels
  • Regulating blood sugar levels
  • Balancing other minerals, such as calcium

Magnesium is also very easily depleted in our high-stress lifestyle. Medication use may also deplete magnesium levels. Many foods are deficient in magnesium, so even the healthiest eater may become deficient.

Luckily, you can get your magnesium needs in just a daily cup of cacao tea!


Many of us know iron is needed for energy. But iron is involved in many other essential mechanisms in the body.

Getting enough iron is essential for processes such as:

  • Transporting oxygen to the tissues
  • Storing oxygen in the muscles
  • Replacing iron losses through menstruation
  • Energy production
  • Immune function
  • Connective tissue production
  • Hormone production
  • Overall growth and development

Ladies, you are at a higher risk of low iron, thanks to menstruation. Plant-based eaters also need to be conscious of consuming enough iron.

Think that you can only get enough iron from animal products? Think again! Our cacao tea is a delicious plant-based source of iron. Combine a cup of cacao tea with some legumes or quinoa throughout the day, and you can easily hit your daily iron needs. 


Most people think zinc just helps you kick your cold or flu. But it's far more important than that – playing a role in most of the body's systems. 

Consuming enough zinc is important for:

  • Immune function
  • Neurotransmitter/ brain chemical production
  • Healthy, happy skin
  • Maintaining muscles and bones
  • Creation of essential enzymes
  • Digestive health
  • A healthy appetite
  • Maintenance of a healthy pregnancy
  • Reproductive health
  • Strong hair

Zinc levels can be impaired by a number of factors, including stress and medication use. So, many people who consume 'enough' zinc may still have low levels. Even sub-optimal levels can produce symptoms in vulnerable people.

But by including a cup of cacao tea, you can boost your zinc levels in a natural – and tasty – way.


One of the lesser known minerals, copper is no less important than the others! It is needed in a good balance with zinc to support the body's systems.

Copper is essential for body processes such as:

  • Making several key enzymes
  • Connective tissue production
  • Building strong teeth and bones
  • Maintaining healthy iron levels and prevent anaemia
  • Nervous system function
  • Cardiac system function
  • Immune function

Copper is a food that is found mostly in plant foods and organ meats, which the standard diet is low in. Although it is rare for someone to be very deficient, borderline levels can still make you feel miserable.

The good news is, you can get a big chunk of your copper needs in just one cup of cacao tea! 


If you want to beat the bloat and keep your body happy and hydrated, potassium is your go-to nutrient. This mineral balances out sodium in the body, as well as being essential in many chemical reactions.

Potassium is needed for functions such as:

  • Hydration and balance of electrolytes
  • Optimal muscle strength and movement
  • Nerve function
  • Optimal kidney function
  • Building strong bones and teeth
  • Balance blood pressure
  • Heart function
  • Maintaining pH throughout the body

But despite it being so essential for everyday processes, many people don't consume sufficient potassium. This is because it's found mostly in plant foods. Overconsumption of sodium can also increase potassium needs.

Luckily, cacao tea is your tastiest option for plenty of potassium.

So if you want to enjoy a tasty cup of chocolate with plenty of health benefits, our Peru cacao tea as you covered. It's full of nutrients and flavour, is gluten and dairy free, Paleo, vegetarian AND vegan friendly!

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