Try one of each flavour and decide for yourself. 12g sample packs of each variety:

Our single origin Vietnam tea comes from a plantation of heirloom fine flavour trinitario cacao. The cacao goes through a careful timber box natural fermentation & slow sun drying process, before being slow roasted and winnowed to separate the husk from the nibs, leaving delicate notes of coconut, tropical fruit and spices.

Our Dominican tea is USDA certified organic and Direct Trade Certified to ensure the highest quality cacao. Also GMO-free, after roasting the beans and separating the shell, our Dominican cacao tea is left with citrus, nutty & chocolate notes.

Our Mexico tea is USDA certified organic and directly traded with a personal approach to ensure sustainable and fair farming practices are adhered to. This high quality cacao tea is free from GMOs and has delicate notes of chocolate and caramel.