The kkao Story

kkäo Co.® [pronounced "ka-kow Co"] was born out of a love for cacao or essentially, chocolate.  

Created by Kara Conroy, a passionate and health-conscious foodie; yet chocolate lover through and through who, upon learning over the years where chocolate comes from in its purest form - the cacao tree (Theobroma Cacao), her love & fascination bloomed even more for this incredible gift of nature. Inspired by a trip to South America in 2013, where she discovered Cacao Tea, she knew she had to show this to the world.

First discovered by the Mayans, this 'Food of the Gods" boasts many wonderful health benefits. When cacao beans are harvested from the cacao pods, fermented and dried, they are then cracked to separate the nibs from the husk (shell). When the husk is brewed in hot water, it creates an insane chocolate infusion that is cacao tea. How cool is that!? Cacao tea boasts many of the same health benefits as the cacao bean itself.

Cacao contains many mood-boosting chemicals, including the 'bliss chemical' Anandamide which is released when we are feeling great.

At kkäo Co. our ambition is to 'ignite your bliss' - create joy, happiness and well being. We want you to be able to enjoy the experience of chocolate, and feel good about it!

We source the highest quality cacao husk from around the world. Our products are 100% natural and organic where possible, sustainable & ethically sourced. They are free from any artificial additives, colours and preservatives. 

Having had an interest in cooking and experimenting in the kitchen since the age of four, this quickly grew into a passion and with that, Kara began to learn more and more about the importance of real food, and the lack-there-of in the vast majority of what many people were brought up to think 'food' was. Overly processed, sugar-laden 'food-like products' with an array of ingredients you cannot recognise. 

Her love for food and health lead her to do a course in integrative nutrition and nowadays when she is developing recipes, she is using wholefoods, and creating delicious alternatives to ‘naughty’ treats. Raw desserts are her specialty, although baking the real deal from scratch every now and then is always a winner too ;)

Being an avid tea and coffee lover and (clearly) cacao-obsessed, it seemed only fitting that when she discovered Cacao Tea, she’d make it her mission to share. Cacao tea is a great coffee alternative, and perfect for those 3.30pm slumps or chocolate cravings.

Not only is cacao husk perfect brewed as a hot or cold beverage, you can get kreative with your favourite healthy recipes - add cacao tea to smoothies, desserts, baking or use the husk for natural skincare.

kkao Co. Cacao Recipes

We hope you go kkao-crazy for our products, and we can't wait to see your kreations :)

With Bliss,
kkao Co. xx